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Do Tribunals love CTOs as much as Psychiatrists do?
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RN v CC (2011) UKUT x (AAC, CTOs

Do Tribunals love CTOs as much as Psychiatrists do? Part 2

A recent case before the Upper Tier Tribunal suggests that perhaps not all Tribunalsdolove CTOs (community treatment orders).
In the case ofRN v CC (2011) UKUT x (AAC), the solicitor of a patient detained on s.3 was instructed by her client not to apply for discharge of the section, but rather to ask the Tribunal to use their powers under s.72 (3A) (a) of the Mental Health Act 1983 to recommend that the Responsible Clinician consider whether to make a CTO.  Sounds straight forward enough, but when the Solicitor proceeded to present her case to the Panel at the start of the Tribunal, the Judge stopped her in her tracks and told her that the Tribunal would NOT be making such a recommendation and invited her to consider what other position she might adopt.
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